Why is India Loosing its Track at Pageants?

It has been 15 years since India won Miss World crown. Sometimes it is not just about sending the right girl to the right pageant, nor about styling but something more, which is solely based on how the national directors of the pageants organize the events. Lets not go back, take the recent example. Koyal Rana, a full package and Miss World prototype. Yet she could not grab the crown. Why? Yes, she did lacked confidence. But other than that what could be the reason? Lets take a tour on some obvious reasons which are hampering our chances to get the best of placements.

First, it is time for Femina Miss India to have one crown, like that of Miss World and start the tradition of crowning on the throne. Recent crowns have been very disappointing. Remember Parvathy Omnakuttan’s horrendous Femina Miss India crown? Well, lets move on.

Second, Femina is annoyingly ignoring some pageants. Its high time to acknowledge other pageant like Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss Supranational and choosing the winners according the judging criteria of respective pageants. This will not only avoid gambling girls and losing them at wrong pageants but also increase their enthusiasm to participate and work in the direction which is needed. Guidance must be given.

Third, Julia Morley’s presence in Miss India contest prevents the organization to crown Femina Miss India Earth and Miss India International. In this case, either Femina should be professional and bold enough to give other pageants priority or else conduct a different crowning ceremony while judging is already done in Miss India World pageant.
A different crowning ceremony will help India to become recognized at an international level. Believe it or not, the tag runner up is disrespectful, while the girls are representing India at bigger platforms.

Fourth, having Miss Diva contest a bit early. It was too late this year. This not only results in the less time for preparation but also loosens the mental strength of a delegate who is soon representing her country at an international platform.

Fifth, having proper interview sessions of the winners at the popular TV channels like Star Plus, Colors or Zee TV during and after the interviews. Since these channels have more viewers, pageantry being less popular in India can gain recognition. It will allow criticisms resulting in a positive ways which will lead to the amendments of winner’s public personality who will be soon representing India at an international level. Also, if sports can have a feeling of patriotism, why not pageants? Using international platform like IPL talk show may help to reach out to maximum. This can be an instrumental exposure for our winners and will help them with public speaking.

Sixth, the evening gowns, which lays the foundation of first impression in any pageant is totally avoided by Femina. Having same gowns for each contestant with tacky colours or designs make the Miss India look less fierce and dashing when the crowning pictures of Femina Miss India appears on any international pageantry page or website. Yes, we do not judge a book by its cover but hey the cover does matters.

Lastly, Femina must say Good Bye to runner up sash. Femina has ample of time to decide which girl should be sent to which pageant. They must chose girls accordingly and declare the girls as winners on the crowning night itself, rather than demeaning or underestimating them as runner ups.

Its high time to change the format of Femina Miss India but is there any Femina organizer who will heed to our unheard voices? Can we make a petition? We would love to hear your opinions.


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  1. Sanjana❤ says:

    It would be so good if somehow this article gets to the Indian national directors

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    1. Yes, Sanjana! Hoping to see a change in pattern of Miss India 2016 🙂


  2. Medha chauhan says:

    this blog said evrythng i wanted to get changed in india’s peagent contest.

    Liked by 1 person

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