Vartika Singh: An Inspirational Story!

The lady, whose journey began at Miss Diva 2014 and set a milestone at Miss Grand India, deserves to get appreciated immensely. Vartika Singh is celebrated for her convivial personality and being someone who has made such a huge splash with such little resources in a city like Lucknow, makes her gain even more respect. Coming from a city of Uttar Pradesh, Vartika reminds me of Priyanka Chopra’s Bariley alumna where she weaved dreams which were very difficult to accomplish at that time and place.

Vartika Singh is an idol to all the aspiring youths who think they can make their presence large but fail to make a step due to inadequacy of confidence and resources. She feels proud to have taken an initiative to leave a mark and to indicate the possibility what a resolute mind can do.


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