Personality and Grace: Definition of a True Beauty Queen! Aditi Arya!

Personality and Grace: Definition of a True Beauty Queen!

While India is waiting for 19th December 2015 when the exquisite and most talked about beauty queen lately, Rolene Strauss​ will be passing on her crown at a laudable head, I here speculate the factors which makes Aditi Arya​ an unbeatable gem at Miss World​ this year.

Miss World is known well for evaluating the ladies from various standpoints, now you must be thinking about Sports Fastrack Event, Top Model Segment, Multimedia Segment, Talent Round Segment and Beauty With a Purpose Segment. Yes, these are the prime determining roots to proclaim the high placements, but what happens when two equally gorgeous and elegant ladies are standing holding hands at the final round? There are gears which cannot be looked or judged upon by audience.

It has been highlighted time and again that Miss World works to broach a personality, individuality and eccentricity which could not be judged at three hours of finale night. The 30 days of pre pageant activities, events and gatherings play a major role to give the impression of beauty queen’s authentic queenly attitude. When Rolene won, the hotel staffs were quiet happy to state that the one with most genuine personality has emerged as a winner. She was bubbly, gregarious and very forthcoming not only to her co-contestants but also to members of the organization, makeup artists, designers or any other staff related to the organization.

Aditi has a quintessentially analogous attitude. She is a lady who acts grave when needed, but this does not let her skip the childlike vivaciousness to gloss over wherever she goes. She talks and connects to people in an extremely outgoing way, a trait which beauty queens are taught when they are competing at Miss World but Aditi owns this naturally. She is patient to hear her criticisms, wise to correct her drawbacks and smart to plan the future endeavours.


When Aditi will arrive at Miss World, I am sure she will ensnare people by her charm. She will be ending up her journey with lots of good friends, be it the staff of organization or co-contestants, she will leave a strong mark. This attitude makes her a stand out. She knows to greet with a smile, involve people in communication with ease and has the gentle vibe of turning the place a home wherever she goes.


The Fastrack events preparation could be evaluated aptly solitary with the coming time, but the inborn quality of a beauty queen with all embracing persona was present in Aditi not since the time she won the crown, but since the moment she started her journey in this beautiful world. Do you too find Aditi’s amicable attitude a boon? Do share the most likeable quality you find about Aditi Arya.

Vagisha Mishra

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