Koyal Rana: A Diamond in Indian Pageantry

Precisely one year back, on the same day, India crowned Koyal Rana as the new Miss World India. The crowd could not suppress its happiness, for Koyal was already a pageant veteran who proved her worth by winning Miss Teen India 2008, Scooty Teen Diva, Miss Universal Teen 2009 and Femina Miss India Delhi 2014. People believed she is sure going to get India’s sixth Miss World crown home. Koyal won Miss Healthy Skin and Beauty With a Purpose Award in Femina Miss India 2014, and her sweet smile and amiable persona helped people to develop a soft corner for her not only in India, but worldwide. Apparently, people started rooting for India as a frontrunner in the race of Miss World crown even before the pageant begun.


Time passed by, people started posting their suggestions, feedbacks, best wishes and criticisms on Koyal Rana’s official Facebook page. Koyal despite of all the busy schedule and jam packed routine, replied to each and every message with sincerity. She became the voice of India, she was the people’s girl. She had a heart to feel, mind to listen and personality to act. She never left a chance to work hard in order to make India proud. And then came the chilling and anticipating November. She created waves as soon as she reached London. She wasn’t merely India’s favourite but soon became a favourite of fans worldwide. As sweet and chirpy as her name she was!

Where India was unable to place in the Fastrack events other than one or two in recent years, Koyal gave India one of the best results at Miss World in recent years. She proved to be the best Miss India sent to Miss World by showing her stamina in initially getting into Top 10 of the Dances of the World, Top 32 in Sports and Fitness and thereafter Top 20 in Top Model, Top 5 of Miss Multimedia, Top 5 of Beach Fashion and Top 10 in People’s Choice Award. The list does not ends here. Koyal made us swell with pride when she won Beauty With a Purpose Award, the highest subtitle one can win at Miss World stage. She also won the Best Designer Award after 1996 and made India the Continental Queen of Asia for the seventh time.

A tribute to Koyal can never end if we fail to talk about her contribution in revolution of Indian pageantry. Koyal might have not won the Miss World crown, but she won hearts of million young girls. This is a proof enough when we see the Top 21 contestants of Femina Miss India 2015 working toward their aim to uplift India in the field of pageantry by making every feasible effort. The dreams of all 21 contestants, their aspirations and hard work reflect that they too want too achieve something really big like Koyal.


Thank you Koyal! India owes you all the respect and gratitude to shine our flag high at Miss World stage. I reckon the hopes of India will soar even higher this year with Aditi taking up the responsibility of Koyal as successor and to be India at Miss World 2015.

Vagisha Mishra

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