How did India’s journey to Miss World Crown ended at TOP 10?

A pageant veteran, beautiful, skilled and talented woman whose name, when not called in Top 5 made everybody numb. Koyal Rana! As sweet and chirpy as her name, Koyal, made everybody fall into her charm within a short span of time. It was assumed that the battle was between South Africa and India.

Then what could be the reason of India being not selected in Top 5 despite of leading the score board with first place? I have observed number of reasons in this case:

First, Rolene Strauss was seen as a frontrunner for the crown since day 1, and as I mentioned, the real battle was presumed between Koyal and her. Since, Koyal could be her toughest contender, keeping her out of Top 5 was the only way to clear paths for Rolene. Despite of winning Beauty with a Purpose award, which is supposed to be the prime competition at Miss World, her non placement is shocking. If the BWAP winner never wins the crown, then what is the need of holding the completion at the first palce?

Second, after China’s win in 2012 and Philippines’s in 2013, Julia Morley, the CEO of Miss World Organisation would definitely try to avoid the third consecutive winner from Asia. Miss World always takes precautions to avoid getting into any controversy and keeping India out of Top 5 paved way for Europe, Pacific, Africa and Caribbean continents to prosper. Moreover, if India would have been in Top 5, we would surely have ended up as one of the Top 3 winners, which could arise questions of favoritism. Hence, 2014 was a wrong year for our dear Koyal, as her chances of winning entered in the danger of being termed as a controversial issue.

Third, Aishwarya Rai’s presence at the finale, could be a prominent reason of keeping India out of Top 5. As Miss World Organisation will definitely avoid creating a situation which will look like they planned a victory for India. Her presence was a major pressure on judging panel to give a fair decision.

Last, Koyal Rana speaks from her heart and reflects perfection, but her only drawback is that she gets nervous. She is shy when it comes to public speaking and cannot draw herself out of her comfort zone. The fact that she was left out of Top 20 closed door interview makes her non-placement in Top 5 clear. As the organization made it clear in the very beginning, this year Miss World was looking for a person who can convey her ideas in an outspoken manner and does not shy away while facing the crowd. This hampered Koyal’s chances of winning the crown, considering that all the top 5 contestants were really good speakers.

The decision was fair, but Koyal deserved a Top 5 placement. Nevertheless, she is the Miss Asian Continental Queen, after 6 years of Parvathy Omnakuttan’s honour of the same title. She won Beauty with a Purpose award after two years of Vanya Mishra’s win at the same and Best Designer Award after 1996. And Top 5 at many sub contests. This makes it clear Koyal is a star of full package. She was the worthiest for crown, but as they say luck is what you need sometimes. Luck was not for India that day.

However, South Africa ended its 40 years long drought for Miss World. It must be great news for them. So let’s congratulate the worthy winner. Rolene owned it. We are proud of Koyal’s achievements and wish her luck and success in all what she does in future.

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