Fate or Curse? A Tale of Two Miss India

When some evil befalls on us, we do cope with it, hoping that this too shall pass. But what about a situation when an evil is stubborn enough not to leave one’s door ever! No, this is not a script of any Bollywood film, but reality which gripped the lives of two Miss India winners, who were both doctors, who won the pageant and soon were dethroned. Not only did their circumstances were synonymous, but they were bonded by blood, they were siblings.  I am talking about Miss India Universe 1989 (dethroned), Kalpana Pandit and Miss India World 2004 (dethroned) Lakshmi Pandit.

photovisi-download (6) (1)

Kalpana, who was crowned in 1989 as a representative of India at Miss Universe, was stripped of her title merely one day later her crowning. She was a Miss India for one day.  She was accused of misrepresenting her nationality. Analogously, Lakshmi who won the audience by her spectacular performance in Miss India 2004, winning the titles like Miss Photogenic and Miss Perfect Body, and eventually becoming Miss World India had the same fate. Not only did Lakshmi hide facts about her marital status but also about her age which she said was merely on papers in order to rent an apartment.

Sometimes, few things are never meant to be the way we want, you might call it fate or curse. Both the sisters once dreamt of being Miss India but it was destined to be shattered. Strange! Ain’t it?

Vagisha Mishra

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