An Exclusive Interview of Miss Tourism International India 2014, Rasshmi Rajput

Miss Earth is just a month far, while India is soon to select its Earth Warrior! My excitement reached its peak when I came to know that our very enticing Miss Tourism International India 2014, Rasshmi Rajput confirmed her participation at the very first edition of Miss Earth India. Rasshmi owns a very charming aura, holding a dazzling smile on her beautiful face always! She is extremely humble and has the passion to make her country proud by being addressed as India internationally!


I got a wonderful opportunity to interview the beautiful lady prior to her participation at Miss Earth India, where she revealed the kindness her heart holds and determination to represent India at Miss Earth.

1. So, Rasshmi! Please tell me something about your unveiled personality?
A. I describe myself in three words, easy going, simple and a bit emotional.

2. How do you spend your leisure time?
A. Besides modelling, I like to spend my time reading books. I love sports, and I am a basketball coach in a school, so I love to spend time with the school kids.

3. At what point of life did you realized that you shall try luck in pageants?
A. I always had a desire to be India internationally! Before participating in any pageant, I researched about the particularities of every pageant, since every international pageant is different and has different responsibilities and work ethics. It has been two years now when I decided to participate in a national pageant.

4. How do you see the opportunity of being a finalist in Miss Earth India?
A. Being Miss Earth India will be a wonderful experience. The title brings with itself great responsibility and opportunity to inspire and promote environmental awareness and global issues.

5. How are you preparing for Miss Earth India?
A. Miss Earth organisation works for various environmental awareness programmes, particularly the motto Beauty For A Cause is worth appreciating. I went to three schools to promote tree plantation and organised various rallies to inspire people to protect Mother Earth. I have also initiated a project called “Productive Beauties For a Cause”.

6. Why do you think you shall win the title?
A. Miss Earth Organisation not just celebrates womanhood but also works to bring awareness about Nature. I believe I shall win the crown of Miss Earth India because I will be a good spokesperson and promoter of green world, peace and will bring out my due respect for Mother Earth by serving it.

7. If you go on to win this pageant, how would you represent India internationally?
A. It’s a huge responsibility. As a delegate it is very important to inspire others and make other people aware how small things can save our earth from damage. I will be myself and will try my best to promote eco-tourism. I will showcase my knowledge and ability as an Indian.
8. What message would you like to highlight as Indian, at Miss Earth?
A. I will promote Eco Tourism at Miss Earth because it is a good platform to balance and safeguard both economical and environmental facets. It will also increase the cultural awareness.
9. How do you wish to contribute to the advocacy of Miss Earth?
A. I believe that the biggest problem pestering the world is Global Warming. I wish to start various programmes and workshops in the schools and communities to resolve and improve the environmental needs. I will try to teach people about recycling procedures of paper, plastic, measures to use solar energy and so on. Our small steps can help to adorn Mother Earth.
10. Few lines for The Kaleidoscope of Indian Pageantry you would like to say.
A. You have been supporting and updating about my journey on your blog since Miss Tourism International 2014. I would specially like to mention few names here, who have been supporting me from the beginning till today, they are, Kartik, Vagisha, Shinata, Hemant, Murtaza, Priyanka, Humera and many more who have stayed with me! I am so grateful for your love and support!
That was an interesting conversation, Rasshmi! I wish you all the very best for your journey, may you soon be called as the brand new Earth warrior! Good luck, shine like you always do!
Vagisha Mishra

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