An Exclusive Interview of Miss Intercontinental India, Snehapriya Roy!

This year the Indian Princess pageant was held on 24th May in the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand. The organization crowned the wonderful lady, Snehapriya Roy, who will be representing India at Miss Intercontinental this year.


Lately, I got an opportunity to have an interesting tete-a-tete with Snehapriya, where she answered some of the significant questions, which have touched her life in a beautiful way.

1. How will you describe your journey from being a common girl to being the titleholder of Indian Princess?

The entire journey was very beautiful and I’ll cherish it throughout my life. It has made me more confident and responsible. The journey for me was a new learning experience which gave me a lot and brought many positive changes in my life.

2. When did you realized that you should enter pageantry?

It was always a childhood dream to represent my country on an international platform. At the age of 16-17 I started taking great interest in pageants. I watched international pageants on YouTube and practiced my walk and talk. For a proper training I joined The Tiara which helped a lot in my grooming.

3. Did any childhood incident or motivation of friends and family shaped your dream to enter pageantry?

There is no particular incident which made me interested in pageantry but it was always my dream to become a model and my family was very supportive in my decision and always motivated me to fulfil my dreams.

4. How are you preparing for Miss Intercontinental at the moment?

I am taking a proper training for Miss Intercontinental as i want to give my best. I am training in all aspect form physical to communication. Regular Workout is a must apart from that walk practices, meditation, dance, Q&A are few other important things i am working on. I want to prepare myself in such a way that i make my country proud.

5. Who do you seek as your ideal?

Priyanka Chopra is my role model and ideal. I desire to be as elegant confident and compassionate as her.

6. What kind of hobbies do you indulge in your leisure time?

I like reading newspapers and fashion magazines as it keeps me updated. And also I spend a lot of time on internet learning new things about make up and skin care.

7. One word you would like to say for The Kaleidoscope of Indian Pageantry.

Outstanding.. I am a regular follower of The Kaleidoscope of Indian Pageantry and it provides me reviews and updates of all the events. Also posts by the page are helpful for my pageant and increases my knowledge about pageantry.

While Snehapriya is busy in her preparations for the pageant, I wish her all the best for Miss Intercontinental. The dedication she possess will surely help in making India proud. Keep going Snehapriya, good luck and best wishes!

Vagisha Mishra


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