Aafreen Vaz Shall Not be Underestimated at Miss Supranational 2015

The 7th edition of Miss Supranational 2015 is slated to be held on December 4th at Małopolska Region in Poland. Asha Bhat will be crowning her successor on the gala night with Aafreen Rachael Vaz being India. While the world is speculating the odds that Aafreen could be wasted at the pageant, with the pageant being a newbie and the odd repercussions of crowning Asia third time in a row, I here state few reasons why India can perform well despite of all the adverse conditions!


First, Aafreen Vaz is an epitome of grace, who seems to carry her with ease. She knows how to shine naturally and effectively through her poise in shoots, videos or even through her words at social media.
Second, Aafreen has got outstanding communication skills. She knows what she is speaking and her ideas are clear, precise and substantial. The lady who possesses wit in mind can never be underestimated.
Third, Aafreen has got exceptional style statement, from saree to evening gowns, from cocktail dress to casual pair of jeans and tee, Aafreen can entrap the crowd with her fashioniesta glance.
Fourth, Aafreen has got individuality, a trait which many beauty queens fall short of exhibiting. She never copies any one, her only mimesis is her inner self, which is a must have quality when you are competing at an international platform.
Lastly and most importantly, Aafreen has a tall stature, elegant face, ability to pose before camera with fierceness and confidence to stand strong.
I cannot predict the winning possibility of Aafreen, making a back to back win for India but I can definitely assure the proud and luxurious placement of India at the pageant! Now coming forward to your valuable responses, where do you see Aafreen at Miss Supranational 2015 currently? Do tell the reasons! 
Vagisha Mishra

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