A Laudable Success!

When Koyal Rana won Femina Miss India last year, people went crazy with happiness. The pageant fanatics throughout the globe thought, its India’s chance to grab the sixth Miss World title. This expectation was not negated when Koyal topped the scoreboard in the Top 10 final round. She grabbed Beauty With a Purpose Award and Best Designer Award at Top Model Round and was amongst Top 5 of Beach Fashion and Multimedia Segment . December 2014 arrived with lots of excitement and surmise. Koyal created waves across the world and was considered a heavy front runner. However as the Oxford Press Event unfold, Koyal underwent a drawback, she was not considered as brilliant speaker as Miss USA, Elizabeth Saffrit and Miss South Africa and the reigning Miss World, Rolene Strauss. Hence India had to settle with the Top 10 position, which is nonetheless worth aplauding and appreciating. Koyal made India proud by winning the Continental Queen of Asia title for the seventh time for India. People started believing that India would have to wait for long time to get a winner like Koyal.


March 2015, Femina Miss India 2015 saw a wonderful batch wherein each contestant was ready to give a neck to neck fight. Nobody could predict the winner till the grand finale, where Delhi girl, Aditi Arya won the battle. Femina Miss India organization made a just and excellent decision by crowning Aditi. She deserves to be Koyal’s successor in every possible way. The taste of winning the battle was heightened by the fact, that she gave all the contestants a tough fight for the crown.


What gave Aditi an upper hand over all other 21 finalists was not merely her beauty. She was clearly the best speaker amongst all and her presence of mind is worth appreciating. She speaks very articulately and maturely. When asked in Top 10 Round- “Being a potential celebrity has its pros and cons, how have you prepared for it?”. Aditi answered- “While I figure out pros and cons, whenever the pros will exceed cons I will take all the safety measures.” Aditi’s answer reflected her far sightedness and responsibility to take the title with grave respect and hard work. Further as everyone expected she was called as one of the Top 5 finalists. In the final Question and Answer Segment when Aditi was asked- “At what age do most of the people become old and what is the secret of staying young?’ Aditi with utmost poise answered- “While age is all in you head. A person becomes old when he stop living for his dreams, but if you continue to chase you dream you stay young.” At the tender age of 21, Aditi is very fresh and fit to be sent at Miss World.

Not only this beauty possess the charm in her personality and magic in her intellect, she comes across as the most amicable contestant who is a simple girl in the complex world. She smiles like a naive kid and gravely acts when required. She is 5’11 and loves to act. She was a street theatre member in SSCBS college at Delhi University and was awarded with young leader’s scholarship from ISB Hyderabad. She was also the HR and Recruitment Head for her college society and organised various business events during her graduation. She loves to work out and has a fit body, which will definitely get paid off in the Sports Fastrack Event at Miss World.

Besides having such sharp personality and keen intellect, Aditi has very fragile and soothing face features, calm like water and cool like the spring breeze. Julia Morley will definitely love her persona. Furthermore, she is very compassionate to the underprivileged sections of society. She is working with the NGO- Protsahan, even before she made her mind to join Miss India. Its been two years since she is  dedicated to the cause, and is working to bring smiles on the face of innocent kids who have been deprived from the essentials at such tender age.


Aditi is really best suited in the prototype of Miss World. She has the aura of being a beauty queen- beautiful face, keen intellect, witty, amiable and compassionate. She is the essence of a true Indian woman and I am pretty sure she will soar the aspirations and anticipations of India high at the Miss World platform. With a brilliant amalgamation of beauty and brain, Aditi will do well at all the Fastrack events. She is definitely an upgrade from last year and is rightful successor of Koyal Rana. Wishing her success and best wishes in the journey ahead. Aditi, way to go. India is proud of you and will always be.

Vagisha Mishra

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