An Insight to Miss Earth India 2015, Aaital Khosla’s Veiled Personality: An Interview!

Aaital! The charming name and stunning face which I came across during Femina Miss India Delhi Auditions in 2015, in the course of which I got to interact with the vivacious diva. Aaital is a very pleasant personality to be around, a baby like inquisitiveness to know grave issues and yearning to foray optimistically makes her matchless. She spends her weekends in the old age home and holds a great inclination to be called as India at Miss Earth. Currently, this endowed lady is reigning as Palash Miss India. Lately, I got an amazing opportunity to interview Aaital Khosla, wherein she expresses her purpose to embark on this adventurous venture.

Miss Earth India, Aaital Khosla during tree plantation
Miss Earth India, Aaital Khosla during tree plantation
  1. Much have been known about you but tell me something about your unveiled personality, Aaital!
  • I am an extremely emotional and a homely woman. I cannot imagine my life without my mom and dad. They are like my backbone.
  1. How do you spend your leisure time?
  • I spend my leisure time with my pets. I am exceedingly sensitively attached to them.
  1. At what point of life did you realized about participating in pageants?
  • I realized about participating in pageants, when my coach, my mentor or my guide, I will call all of them, Ritika Ramtri ma’am made me comprehend about my potential. That was the time when I realized that beauty pageants are totally my cup of tea. She is truly a mother figure to me!
  1. How do you see the opportunity of being Miss Earth India?
  • I am highly grateful to Glamanand Supermodel India for giving me this amazing opportunity. According to my vision, this is a very worthwhile opportunity, and I am looking forward to make the most of it.
  1. How are you preparing for the pageant?
  • I have put my heart and soul in preparing for Miss Earth 2015. I took the advocacy very sincerely and tried my best to contribute my bit towards Mother Earth. I have polished my rampwalk skills and practiced regular workouts. I am taking fine care of my diet keeping the junk food aside and focusing on sound sleep.


  1. Why do you think you shall win the crown?
  • I want the best girl to win this competition because it is a matter of taking our nation on an international level. I do not want to sound pompous by saying that yes I have got it all, what it takes to be a winner. I rather want my actions to speak, because I truly believe actions speak louder than words.
  1. How would you represent India internationally?
  • I will conquer the Miss Earth crown with love and affection. I want to show the world that we Indians are the best breed.
  1. What message would you like to highlight, as an Indian, at Miss Earth?
  • India is on the way to revolutionize the world with positive changes. The helping hands are increasing, the dedication is escalating. The young India is ready to follow the correct path, the change is near.


  1. How do you wish to contribute to the advocacy of Miss Earth?
  • I don’t merely wish to contribute to Miss Earth advocacy but in fact I want to take that advocacy to higher level. I have been doing the environmental activities for past one year and have several strategies to bring the positive results where I want to bring. The advocacy would not only remain to Miss Earth organization but will travel with me wherever I go. There will be several hands joining me.


  1. One line you would say for The Kaleidoscope of Indian Pageantry.
  • It will be highly difficult for me to sum it up in one line, but “The Kaleidoscope of Indian Pageantry” is one forum which I follow regularly, I love the way how you encourage young girls. I have never ever seen any negative publicity on the page and that is what it makes a stand out. I have seen it grow! Keep growing and glowing!

That was a dazzling conversation, Aaital! Thanks for letting your veiled personality bubble out before us, it was impressive to see a young girl holding so much fortitude for her nation, India. Shine like you always do, and all the very best for your future endeavors. Grab the second Miss Earth crown for India!

Vagisha Mishra


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