India’s Evolution in Dances of the World at Miss World

In the year 2009, Miss World came up with one of the very thrilling, jovial and amusing event, Dances of the World, which showcased the myriads of color, charm and majesty a nation exhibits through the variety of dance forms. A celebration of “One world, One dream” Miss World’s Dances of World is unfathomable in sheer splendour!


Koyal Rana: A Diamond in Indian Pageantry

Precisely one year back, on the same day, India crowned Koyal Rana as the new Miss World India. The crowd could not suppress its happiness, for Koyal was already a pageant veteran who proved her worth by winning Miss Teen India 2008, Scooty Teen Diva, Miss Universal Teen 2009 and Femina Miss India Delhi 2014. People believed she is sure going to get India’s sixth Miss World crown home. Koyal won Miss Healthy Skin and Beauty With a Purpose Award in Femina Miss India 2014, and her sweet smile and amiable persona helped people to develop a soft corner for her not only in India, but worldwide. Apparently, people started rooting for India as a frontrunner in the race of Miss World crown even before the pageant begun.

Aafreen Vaz Shall Not be Underestimated at Miss Supranational 2015

The 7th edition of Miss Supranational 2015 is slated to be held on December 4th at Małopolska Region in Poland. Asha Bhat will be crowning her successor on the gala night with Aafreen Rachael Vaz being India. While the world is speculating the odds that Aafreen could be wasted at the pageant, with the pageant being a newbie and the odd repercussions of crowning Asia third time in a row, I here state few reasons why India can perform well despite of all the adverse conditions!