India’s Evolution in Dances of the World at Miss World

In the year 2009, Miss World came up with one of the very thrilling, jovial and amusing event, Dances of the World, which showcased the myriads of color, charm and majesty a nation exhibits through the variety of dance forms. A celebration of “One world, One dream” Miss World’s Dances of World is unfathomable in sheer splendour!

The Most Influential Miss World: Priyanka Chopra

There is always a great story behind great success! This statement fits aptly into life of Priyanka Chopra, Miss World 2000. From becoming Miss World to one of the highest paid Bollywood Actress, Priyanka has come a long way. But that journey wasn't easy! Did you know that she aspired to become a psychiatrist and software engineer once? But her … Continue reading The Most Influential Miss World: Priyanka Chopra

How did India’s journey to Miss World Crown ended at TOP 10?

A pageant veteran, beautiful, skilled and talented woman whose name, when not called in Top 5 made everybody numb. Koyal Rana! As sweet and chirpy as her name, Koyal, made everybody fall into her charm within a short span of time. It was assumed that the battle was between South Africa and India. Then what … Continue reading How did India’s journey to Miss World Crown ended at TOP 10?

Why is India Loosing its Track at Pageants?

It has been 15 years since India won Miss World crown. Sometimes it is not just about sending the right girl to the right pageant, nor about styling but something more, which is solely based on how the national directors of the pageants organize the events. Lets not go back, take the recent example. Koyal … Continue reading Why is India Loosing its Track at Pageants?

Koyal Rana: A Diamond in Indian Pageantry

Precisely one year back, on the same day, India crowned Koyal Rana as the new Miss World India. The crowd could not suppress its happiness, for Koyal was already a pageant veteran who proved her worth by winning Miss Teen India 2008, Scooty Teen Diva, Miss Universal Teen 2009 and Femina Miss India Delhi 2014. People believed she is sure going to get India's sixth Miss World crown home. Koyal won Miss Healthy Skin and Beauty With a Purpose Award in Femina Miss India 2014, and her sweet smile and amiable persona helped people to develop a soft corner for her not only in India, but worldwide. Apparently, people started rooting for India as a frontrunner in the race of Miss World crown even before the pageant begun.

Aafreen Vaz Shall Not be Underestimated at Miss Supranational 2015

The 7th edition of Miss Supranational 2015 is slated to be held on December 4th at Małopolska Region in Poland. Asha Bhat will be crowning her successor on the gala night with Aafreen Rachael Vaz being India. While the world is speculating the odds that Aafreen could be wasted at the pageant, with the pageant being a newbie and the odd repercussions of crowning Asia third time in a row, I here state few reasons why India can perform well despite of all the adverse conditions!

Personality and Grace: Definition of a True Beauty Queen! Aditi Arya!

While India is waiting for 19th December 2015 when the exquisite and most talked about beauty queen lately, Rolene Strauss​ will be passing on her crown at a laudable head, I here speculate the factors which makes Aditi Arya​ an unbeatable gem at Miss World​ this year.

Vartika Singh: An Inspirational Story!

The lady, whose journey began at Miss Diva 2014 and set a milestone at Miss Grand India, deserves to get appreciated immensely. Vartika Singh is celebrated for her convivial personality and being someone who has made such a huge splash with such little resources in a city like Lucknow, makes her gain even more respect. … Continue reading Vartika Singh: An Inspirational Story!

Fate or Curse? A Tale of Two Miss India

When some evil befalls on us, we do cope with it, hoping that this too shall pass. But what about a situation when an evil is stubborn enough not to leave one’s door ever! No, this is not a script of any Bollywood film, but reality which gripped the lives of two Miss India winners, … Continue reading Fate or Curse? A Tale of Two Miss India