Final Predictions for Miss Grand International 2015

Miss Grand International 2015 kick started with all vigour, enthralment and ecstasy on 5th October 2015. Step by step various events unfolded very beautifully, and it seems like yesterday when the pageant has showcased astonishing events day by day in these twenty days. The live broadcast of all the events, the immense media coverage and the sensational presentation of the events will definitely make Miss Grand International, one of the most awaited international pageant in coming years.

The grand finale is just 48 hours far, and people all over the world are tremendously animated and eager to hail the new queen who shall be called the third Miss Grand International. In these last few hours of anxiety and exhilaration, I here present my Top 10 picks, which I suppose can do truly well during the coronation night.

To begin with the reverse order, at tenth spot is NETHERLANDS. Shauny Bult is the face of the pageant. This charming lady is the ruling sensation of the fans worldwide; this goddess like face would certainly land her to Top 5 if she could have stepped up her game during the Swimsuit Round.

At ninth spot is AUSTRALIA. Clarie Parker has got a very vivaciously serene smile. She is extremely graceful at the stage; she is one to watch for. That appealing persona she beholds, does not lets the audience skip attention by any chance even for a minute.

At eighth spot is SPAIN. Andrea Martin is the dark horse of the pageant. From exotic swimsuit shoot, to the graceful performance during the preliminary competition, Andrea deserves each and every bit of attention.

At seventh spot is SRI LANKA. Ornella Gunesekra has been doing really commendable job at the pageant, she was voted by eight delegates during the closed door interview session, which highlights, she is received quiet congenially at the pageant due to her outgoing personality. Her walk and confidence at the stage has a spark needed to stand out.

At sixth place is the very exotically beautiful, PHILIPPINES. Parul Shah has been the talk of the pageant ever since she was announced to represent her nation at the same. Parul is full of confidence at the stage and exhibits elegance wherever she walks in.

Entering gaily the fifth spot is JAPAN. Ayaka Tanka is the most unique persona of the pageant. She is sexy and endearing at the same time. At one moment she appears an epitome of fierceness, ferociously roving her eyes at the audience, while at the other moment she seems like an appealing doll. During the preliminary competition, she was literally enjoying her moment. Ayaka describes herself as an individual who holds a strong voice firmly possessing the leadership qualities. She is definitely not to be underestimated.

Dazzling at the fourth spot is BRAZIL. Paula Gomes has come quiet prepared in the pageant. She has initiated a project called “Education for Peace”. Not only does Paula has a genuine heart to reach out to war prone victims, but she also owns splendid amount of energy while she walks at the ramp. She is extremely confident while facing the audience, and her gorgeous looks are an add on to her completely charming personality.

Glittering like a star at third spot is DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Anea Garcia has been one of the most talked about delegate right from the start. She believes in eradicating violence and disruption. That peppy smile and frisk walk is her biggest asset, she walks on the ramp like she owns it. She does complete justice to the elegance and liveliness needed to showcase at the stage. She is nailing every round so far!

Beautifully shining at the second spot is THAILAND. The Asian dominance is quiet transparent at Miss Grand International this year. The crowd is in her favor, that spark in her eyes and poise in fierce walk is all what Rattikorn Kunsom stands for. After watching her Preliminary Competition, who would believe that she tripped during swimsuit contest erstwhile! She is a total stunner. Extremely ferocious attitude along with that unmatched elegance makes her chances very bright to be the first Asian lady to have claimed this title.

Claiming the zenith with evenhanded performance is none other than our very own INDIA. Vartika Singh has been part of her state Uttar Pradesh World Bank’s Health Care Project. She has also won Beauty with a Purpose title previously during Miss India 2015. She has been awarded by Uttar Pradesh government for her initiatives to nutrition and health of women and children and having promoted digital literacy. She is also the face of “Mera Lucknow” Project and believes in the non violence ideology of Mahatma Gandhi. Vartika knows to play with her attire blending it with her vivacious aura at the stage. She walks like an angel, gliding gracefully at the ramp, making the audience spellbound with her beautiful personality. The effervescent smile which she owns is her biggest asset. Be it swimsuit or the evening gown round, Vartika has enjoyed and lived her moment with ultimate grace, elegance and spry. She certainly deserves to succeed Lees Garcia in each and every possible way! This time for India!

Who deserves to claim the title, becoming the third Miss Grand International in your opinion? Do share your choices and views! Keep up that enthralment!

Vagisha Mishra

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